No GPS = No Problem

The Ultimate Backup GPS

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Exact Positioning Everywhere Anytime

Much more accurate than GPS

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Camera Determines Position

Fully Automated Repetitive Applications

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Eyeways Systems

Wouldn't it be great if GPS worked all the time ?

But it doesn’t. So many things can go wrong, there are many areas where GPS is blocked, not to mention GPS can be spoofed, and what happens if you need to check UNDER and bridge ?

Do I really need to have an operator just to backup GPS failure?

Introducing Autonomous Vision-Based Navigation

Abundant real-time information

Highly suitable for dynamic environments

positioning that improves linearly with proximity

Autonomous Operation

Vision based navigation using the drones on-board camera allows for fully autonomous operation

Does't depend on GPS

Not dependent on GPS or any other RF signaling.

Anywhere you need anytime you want

Fully autonomous operation day to night, indoor or outdoor.

Repeatable Operations

Each mission can cover the very same regions of interest and provide the same views as previous scans.

Proximity improves positioning

We can determine the drone's exact position as well as the direction of gaze.

Accurate 6 degrees of freedom (DoF)

Position accuracy improves as the drone gets closer to the inspected surface. At 1 meter the position accuracy is 2.5 cm.

Easy to Integrate - Simple to Deploy