Eyeways Systems

EyeSpace Technology

Our patent-pending “4D” object-based technology.
This is a novel method for understanding scenes, and for extracting high-precision, application specific information from them


At the heart of EyeSpace lies a smart, proprietary (patented) database, storing a very large number of scene objects with their descriptors, and their 3D positions. These objects, efficiently extracted by our unique machine-learning analysis, provide effective understanding of environment.

  • The database is built via processing of video data, synchronized with corresponding 3D data, which may be obtained via prior photogrammetry or laser scans, etc.,  or via crowd-sourcing from multiple users’ video inputs.
  • In the navigation stage (real time), proprietary algorithms obtain input from drone’s camera, and process it, along with data obtained from the original database,  to compute the mobile device’s precise position and angle of gaze. This information is used for accurate navigation and for other awareness features (such as Augmented Reality and flight alerts).

3D Position

Provides Accurate 6 degrees position: ‘GPS like’ position (x, y, z) and orientation (pan, tilt, roll)

Changes Detection

Track map changes from previous missions, and show 3D models of these changes.

Visualization (Augmented reality)

Each object in frame is located and analyzed in real-time, This  information then can be shown on top of the video , makes it powerful tool for situation awareness, search and rescue missions.

Live Map Updates

Location database is updated on-the-fly, rebuilding the 3d database each time new images provided to the system.